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Reassuring Fictions

reassuring fictions

In times like these, you may believe that all is well. You may enjoy watching the Olympics, eating spam, or perhaps you have many Norwegian friends.

You may have the feeling that we live in the best of possible worlds. Given the possibilities, the vagaries of quantum mechanics, perhaps, you think to yourself, everything is right in the world.

These are reassuring fictions.

These fictions are propagated by a large number of clandestine groups, which run the affairs of the world from hidden bunkers, boardrooms, churches, and your medulla oblongata.

But not the Masons.

Alltop knows the secret handshake. Eyecatcher, originally uploaded by Robbert van der Steeg. Originally published in March, 2008.

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  1. My wife is always giving me hell for watching TV shows about the Freemasons and other “secret societies”. It’s better that all the other stuff on the tube…

  2. It’s best to be prepared for their eventual takeover.

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