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Rotten claw of decomposing PM reaches from the grave to rend ample flesh from current holder of the office

I demand an inquiry
I demand an inquiry! And brains!

Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but it seems that the Evil Dr. Chin is back, baby.

He’s back, and like a political zombie, his nasty juju is engulfing the current “conservative” PM. It’s especially ironic that the man who was so hated by the Canadian public, and who arguably killed the old Progressive Conservative party, is now the source of the attack on the new “conservative” party, which is really just the old Reform party with the few surviving Progressive Conservatives right wing enough to join the Reformers.

At any rate, zombie bites are contagious and it seems that some in the PMO have had their bums seriously nibbled.

Having trouble figuring this murky, undead political scandal out? You’re not alone.

Mulroney calls for public inquiry | Chretien should explain Mulroney payout, minister says

And somewhere in shadows, the dark figure of Count Chretien cheekily says to the media, “you vill look into vy we gave Mulroney the $2.1 million. Blah, blah!”