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Saturday O-Rama

Boozy Rocket Jockeys

There is a bit of a brew-ha-ha around NASA this week, as word that (in the past) astronauts have been a little blasted before they blasted off.

Can you really blame them, I mean the ones that aren’t driving? You’re strapped onto a tube filled with 2 million liters of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, and you’re about the light a match. Plus, you don’t even have anything to do, just sit there.

I think a little nip is in order.

The O-Rama

Speaking of spaceflight, The Skwib launched itself at the Carnival of Space this week. And while you’re up there, pirouetting in slow motion, perhaps you could also check out the Carnival of Music.

And we’re a week too late on this, but we found this Harry Potter parody from SNL. It’s kind of one note humor (or should that be two note), but it’s still fun.