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Silver IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for The Fatness!

Hey, hey, The Fatness won a Silver in the humor category of the 30th annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award™

These awards aren’t well-known generally, but they’re quite prestigious and valuable indicators of quality. The Independent Book Publishing Association (IBPA) has more than 3,000 members, and is the largest publishing trade association in the U.S. This year’s contest had 1,500 entries.

The Fatness“These are the best of the best,” says IBPA CEO Angela Bole. “This is important because in the end its not just about publishing; its about publishing well. Becoming an IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award™ winner showcases a publishers commitment to professional standards and high-quality book content and production.”

I’d like to thank IBPA for putting on the awards, and for the more than 150 librarians, booksellers, and design and editorial experts who helped judge them! I’ve been a reader and a judge for the Emerging Writer’s Short Prose Competition, run by The Writer’s Union of Canada, so I have some understanding of the work involved.

And I don’t want to pretend this is all my doing. Though I don’t have a publisher to thank, I do have the incredible talents of my editor, Cal Chayce of Wording.ca, the incredible cover design of Taryn Dufault and the exact proofing of Pauline Nolet. Don’t forget all my beta readers, friends and family who also helped me shape The Fatness into something approaching good shape. You can read about them in the acknowledgements of the novel.

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