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Stories in 'Celebration' of International Women's Day

International Women's DayShe’s the homecoming king!
Yep, that’s right, a lesbian at Hood College, a liberal arts school in Maryland won the vote fair and square, beating out three men. We’re not exactly sure what a homecoming king is, or why you would want to be one, but all the best Jennifer Jones for winning the honor.

South Dakota bans most abortions
It’s o-ffic-ial ladies, yer wombs belong to the gents of South Dakota. It could be worse. The Al Swearengens of the world could run things, and then they’d own the external bits too.

Porn star shows flair for full-bodied wine
We don’t even need to satirize this one. We’ll just quote it:

Roberto Cipresso, one of Italy’s most respected winemakers, has startled the oenological world by going into business with Savanna Samson, a curvaceous New York blonde whose last film earned her the porn industry’s highest award for best all-girl sex scene.

The improbable collaboration between the X-film actress and the former papal vintner has produced a big surprise: a highly acclaimed Italian red wine that has been described as earthy, luscious and full-bodied – and that’s just Samson’s picture on the label.


  1. The woman beat the men fair and square. Good for her.

  2. i wish the rest of the states would hurry up and put women back in their place, if we could just do something about them still being smarter than men, then we would really be swinging and kicking.

  3. I wonder if women make more money from the production & distibution of porn today? And if so, what is South Dakota going to do about it?

  4. Any idea where I could get an Al Swearengen action-figure?

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