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Storyblogging and Tuesday Carnivals

A couple of things to note today — first of all, there is a new storyblogging carnival (XXXI) available here at Back of the Envelope. The Skwib will be hosting the next one on Nov. 21. So if you’ve got a bit of bloggy storytelling (fiction or non-fiction), please email: skwib(at)markarayner.com. Send the usual particulars: the title, permalink, trackback and also add a word count and rating (R, PG 13, G, etc.) If your story is longer than 500 words, please send a short description of the piece too. Or you can use the Ferdy form, of course.

And another carnival to highlight today — the Carnival of Liberty (XIX) at the Unrepentant Individual. Brad has done a great job summarizing the posts, and there is some great reading here.