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Storyblogging Carnival LXXIV

Storyblogging Carnival -- man with breakfast foodsIf there was any theme running through the stories submitted for this edition of the Storyblogging Carnival, it had to be that of food, and in particular, breakfast … the temptations of breakfast, the joys of breaky, and even how breakfast can turn into a surreal nightmare populated by ugly American monkeys. (Thanks to Earl for the inspired breakfast food photo.)

SORTA SUCKS at Hot Crumbs of Love”
by Linda Ferrero

Follow Miss Crumb as she enters the internet dating forest (first post of an ongoing fictional blog character).
Rating: 18+
200 words

The Jesus Game: an Online Novel: 07/10/07 posted at The Jesus Game: an Online Novel
by J. Scranton
“The Jesus Game” is the story of Jacob Warren, the latest contestant in the world’s most popular reality show which challenges its contestant to survive forty days in the desert while also facing three temptations. “Day Twelve” is the first day of the first temptation.
1045 words

“The Building” at Anonymous_X
by Thomas
A ghost story.

Tropical Beach Party at Reason and Rhyme
by Jolanda Dubbeldam
Loud, rule-ignoring American tourists are made into monkeys.
898 words

The True Purpose of Relationships at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment & Kundalini Yoga.
by Anmol Mehta
Relationships are meditation in motion. Their true purpose is to reflect clearly one’s attachments, thus providing opportunities to dissolve them and go beyond. Article includes a nice story as well to illustrate its points.
1404 words

the moment at Doc Rampage
by Dave Gudeman
Kids, don’t try this at home –an adventure poem based on a true story.

What is your Dream? at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act.
by Edith Yeung
A tale of living a dream when she hiked to Machu Picchu.
400 words

Attacked by a Shaolin Monk at the Shaolin Monastery
at Traveling Stories Magazine
by Michael
550 words

Succession at 365fiction
by Elvis D

I’m the Bus at The Truth Is Out Where?
by Matthew Bailey
A man discovers when you make an illegal left, getting a ticket from the secret service is just the start of your problems.
1200 words

Also, by Matthew Bailey: Jay Frilly

Thanks for joining The Skwib for this edition of the Storyblogging Carnival. You can find its regular homepage at Back of the Envelope, and the submission form for next time here, and its also listed at the Ubercarnival.

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