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Storyblogging Carnival LXXIX

We have a short carnival this weeks folks, two tales from the SF/Fantasy genre, plus an excerpt from my novel, THE AMADEUS NET.

Die Hippie Aliens
by Andrew Ian Dodge at Dodgeblogium (770 words)

A report from the battle on Libertarium

The History of the Domini, Part III: The First Legion
by Donald S. Crankshaw at Back of the Envelope | The whole story starts here
(336 words of a 2,531 word story in progress) PG-13

In a desperate act of magic, the Amaranthine and Domini summon the First Legion.

The Great Wal-Mart Stand by Mark A. Rayner
(3,800 words) PG-13

This is an excerpt from my novel THE AMADEUS NET (ENC Press, 2005), in which we learn how the psychotic American artist, Bella, got to the utopian city of Ipolis. (Available from ENC Press here.)

You can find out more about the Storyblogging Carnival at Back of the Envelope.