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Storyblogging Carnival XXXII

Welcome to the 32nd storyblogging carnival. Storyblogging is essentially just storytelling in blog format. Quite often it is fictional, but as you can see, this edition we have two non-fiction posts too. (I’ve split the entries by fiction and non-fiction, and I posted the one audio submission at the end — for some reason, Quicktime files just don’t work on my computer.) I haven’t submitted anything to this carnival, but if readers are looking for fiction from The Skwib, the best thing to do is look under the “skwibby fiction” category, where you’ll see the latest. You might also want to check out the fiction (short story) section of my website, where you’ll find some of my published work.


Ink Magic (part II)
Dave Gudeman at Doc Rampage gives us the entertaining second part of this story.
Description: After his fight with the demonic blob, Steve has a sandwich and then goes home for a nap.
(3017 words, PG)

by Darleen Click at Darleen’s Place
Description: She’s the sweet old lady to the children of the neighborhood, but she’s haunted by her past and one night it all comes home in a frightening confrontation with a stranger.
(2676 words, PG13 (language))

The Spy Novel, #25
by The Colussus at The Colossus
Description: Eric Ashley (who reviewed this novel so far) had this summary: “Cold, controlled, paranoid, and searching speculation based on tiny clues, this story sucks you in, and grabs you. Who are your friends? Is the hero that, or simply a protagonist of questionable virtue, although undoubted skill? When will the betrayal come, and who will do it? Crisp writing style, and more questions than one can shoot with a full clip of ammo.” The novel begins here.
(1909, PG-13 for combat violence)

Ghosts, Chapter 11 of Fire
by Donald S. Crankshaw at Back of the Envelope . Fire is the first part of The War of the Elementals.
Description: In this chapter, the Dominus Randall arrives at the scene of a tragedy, where he must uncover who is responsible for the death of his colleague and a young girl. The whole story is here.
(5,166, PG-13)

The Child, Chapter 4 and Chapter 5
Sheya Joie of Tales by Sheya offers the next two chapters of ‘the child’ (beginning here). These are part of her on-going 95,186-word mini-trilogy.
(4269 words, edging towards PG-13 this time)

Forgotten, Part One
Andrea Graham at Adam’s Blog opens the start of an historical tale.
Description: After losing his sight, Josiah lives in dishonor and self-hatred.
(557 words PG)


Never Be Satisfied: Another Personal Story
Vernice at Jones Blog continues her ongoing series of persons from differing racial and class backgrounds who have overcome great odds.
Description: In this latest installment, Vernice presents the story of Cheryl, a woman who overcame the twin challenges of poverty and race to earn her doctorate.
(1762 Words, PG)

Everyday Heroes, Part one
Firstbrokenangel from AAFFLLAACCKK offers this pithy description: “a short story about my father/heroism.”
(890 words, no rating provided)

Audio submission

Band of Doom
Andrew Ian Dodge at Dodgeblogium submitted an audio tale.
Description: The Sage of Wales tells a tale of a band of Cthulhu’s minions who don’t manage hit the right note.
(no length, rating)

The next Storyblogging Carnival will be hosted by Sheya Joie at Tales by Sheya. Remember you can submit here with this handy form, and the COS is listed at the Ubercarnival, and at the Blog Carnival too.


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