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Sunday monkey surfing

monkey no seeWe’re not sure why you’re here on a Sunday night, but seeing as you are, here’s some stuff that may interest you surf-monkeys, sourced from our blogroll:

Ahistoricality has found a Literary Personality Quiz. Mark was a work of Classic literature, which sounds, at first blush, much better than it is: A classic is something that someone wants to say they have read, but never actually reads, right?

Steve at the Poutine Diaries has 10-second tv reviews. Go read, and ask him to write more!

And Joe at Assorted Nonsense has found some kind of freaky “separated at birth” gizmo from My Heritage.com. If you go to this one, you’ll probably be able to fill the rest of your evening. BTW, if you’d like to see Mark’s matches, you’ll find them here. Clearly, that “y” chromosome was unfortunate.