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Sunday O-Rama!

GoateeCarnivals first: The mad, mad, Carnival of the Insanities and fine, furry Friday Ark.

Oh Bill. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

If you somehow missed the brilliant first installment of the Sarah Connor McLeod Chronicles, you can still read the script. On a related note, you may be interested in the Frogster’s explanation of how manly brains work. And you wouldn’t think knitting would be manly, but it can be funny.

And what could be more manly than bacon, the food of the gods? But it’s not just a man-thing, women like it too!

What could be more manly than bacon? Beards. Don’t get more manly than beards, as Rickey well knows. Did you know there is an international group of loons that run a competition for the best beard and mustache? I’m working on my goatee (pictured above, photo courtesy of Luciano Joaquim).

And now, a short history of beards:


And for more hirsute humor (bearded and not), may we suggest humor-blogs.com? No? Bugger.