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Sunday O-Rama

It has been a while since we’ve done an O-Rama, but this seems like a propitious moment.

First off, there are number of excellent carnivals you may want to check out. The venerable Carnival of the Vanities, the wacky Carnival of the Insanities, and a lively and entertaining edition of the Military History Carnival.

And if you’re looking for things of a humorous nature, then perhaps you could check out some of the work of our friends (after you’ve read the entire Skwib archive, of course):

Lobo is suffering from Damp Basement Syndrome. Alex has had an attack of the 60-foot communists. Alenja is eating her cake and having it too. Consummate Canadian, C. Fraser, is worried about invasive species, while Don (“Real Scientist” at Donco) is more concerned about polar bears. Finally, Archer explains why we are hopelessly illiterate.

And it is Father’s Day; you may be surprised to learn that my father is a respected arbitrator and the retired Dean of a law school. Nevertheless, it was he who introduced me to Monty Python. Thanks Dad!


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  1. ‘Nevertheless, it was he who introduced me to Monty Python’

    I suppose I should thank my dad for doing that to me aswell.

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