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Sunday O-Rama

I love the breadth of humor and thought you can find at xkcd, one of my favourite web comics. You can get pot-shots like this one, which makes fun of SF/Fantasy novels:

Fiction Rule of Thumb

And then you can get wonderfully thoughtful comics like this one, which shows the observable universe from top to bottom:

The observable universe

This chart compares the number of cars, houses (planes) owned by McCain family vs Obama family. So who is really the elitist?

Cars & houses -- McCain vs Obama.

(From Pros vs Hoes, via gawker)

And if that’s not enough craziness for you — only an elitist would drive a hybrid — you should check out the Carnival of the Insanities, humor-blogs.com or alltop.

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  1. Eight houses… thats a good round number isnt it.

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