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Tangent reviewed “Gross Bodies and Light Convertible”

I somehow missed this, but Yael Artom at Tangent Online reviewed my short alternate history tale last fall:

In “Gross Bodies and Light Convertible” by Mark A. Rayner, Edgar and his tutor, Duncan, try to catch the mysterious Doctor Klaas Vandermeer in nineteenth-century London. Vandermeer is a dangerous Dutch spy with paranormal powers promoting the revolution in Europe through terrorist attacks. Vandermeer seems impossible to catch, but Edgar has supernatural powers.

Rayner succeeds in evoking a foggy, nineteenth-century London in the grip of an epidemic of illnesses and terror. Breathtaking pursuits, tense encounters, and narrow escapes are skillfully narrated, resulting is a Sherlock Holmesish atmosphere that grips the reader and holds on tight until the end. “Gross Bodies and Light Convertible” is lively and enjoyable.

You can find more reviews at their website.