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Taxonomy of things

Taxonomy of Things by lunchbreath
Taxonomy of Things, a photo by lunchbreath on Flickr.

This is extremely helpful, but the taxonomy is not complete. I believe it should also include the following, which can be slotted in existing branches:

  • thingamabob
  • thingamajig
  • doohickey
  • junk
  • junk ‘n stuff
  • scraps
  • detritus

And of course, another whole branch:

  • Thing (Adams Family)
  • The Thing (Marvel)
  • The Thing (SF blob)
  • Thing 1
  • Thing 2

I’m sure I’m missing more… Let me know on Twitter or FB!

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One Comment

  1. It is indeed a useful taxonomy! It is, however, also lacking in whosiwhatsits, whoodger-doodgers, doohickymajigs, and whatchamacallits. Not to mention gizmos, doodads or dealybobs. (And no, I wasn’t able to think of these things all in the moment, but I was able to reference my previous research into things.)

    I do love your other group of Things, too.

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