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The Carnival of Satire #19

Carnival of Satire #19, with cheese wheelWelcome to this week’s food-fighting Carnival of Satire. Not to say that any of the following posts are cheesy, but they do share a certain sharpness that is associated with some aged, dairy-based satire products. Enjoy. (With a bottle of wine, if you can manage it.)

Madeleine Begun Kane at Mad Kane’s Notables takes a break from politics, and tackles the serious issue of food in Ode To Takeout — Song Parody.

David at SqurtCheez provides a nice chunk of satire in Bolivian President Sends U.S. Politicians Scrambling.

Okay, Bob at either orr has a post that makes Dr. Tundra squirt cheese, because he can see some Liberal Party hacks thinking seriously about having, For Liberal Party Leader, John Kerry.

UberIrony Alert! Ferdinand T. Cat at Conservative Cat presents My Very Own Study of Brain Function. General Kang just hopes it is INTENTIONAL irony. Thag is sure it is — he knows how dangerous cats can be.

Bam! Tommy at Striving For Average kicks it up a notch with What’s For Lunch?.

From the “modest proposal” file, Adam at Adam’s Blog admits that he misses Mathusian population dynamics, and has 9 Ways to Reduce Overpopulation. We would add a tenth — no more eating!

Buckley F. Williams at The Nose On Your Face has no complaints about the quality, but some concerns about the quantity in Jack Bauer’s Job Performance Last Night: Restraint Or Just Plain Laziness?

It’s nice to see some new faces around the old satire hole, and this week we are joined by Jane Dough at Boston Gal’s Open Wallet who channels Ron Popeil in Do you want to be a winner?

FIAR at Radioactive Liberty somehow got the State of the Union: Advance Copy. You will probably want to read this first draft before it disappears, just like your right to privacy.

Mr. Right at The Right Place presents an amusing collection of photos in The Democrat Family Album… a Tribute!

Vox Poplar at Vox Poplar is Right About Everything & Don’t You Forget It! coins a few choice phrases in I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire….

Myrhaf at Myrhaf unearths some art in the found Poetry of Armando.

Gavriel Raanan at AbbaGav presents Protest ‘Til You’re Blue in the Face.

Gullyborg at Resistance is futile! presents What the left is thinking…

Remulak MoxArgon at The MoxArgon Group presents InterGalactic Roundtable.

And to take us out on a romantic note, Peace Moonbeam at the Peace Moonbeam Chronicles falls head over heels in Senator Overboard!

Thanks to everyone for the time they spent in the satire kitchen this week! Remember you can submit here with this handy form; the COS is listed at the Ubercarnival, and at the Blog Carnival too.

Note: if your post wasn’t included in this week’s carnival, then that means one of two things:
a) Mark screwed up
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Both are easily rectified — just send us a quick email at skwib(at)markarayner.com.


  1. You’re welcome Peace – I quite enjoyed your piece this week, particularly the line: “…her facial skin was so tight, her boobs rose an inch every time she smiled.”

  2. Thank you for including me, the honor is almost overwhelming! Nice job

  3. bob bob

    Duly linked back, kind sir.

  4. Sunday Carnival Wrap-Up Etc…

    Incomprehensibly funny. What would Jack Bauer do about cluelessness? Satire, satire and even more satire. Vanity thy name is… umm… well… Vanity. And better late than never: Ca-ray-zeeeeee!!!!!!! Also be sure to check out: I’d have administered t…

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