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The Carnival of Satire (#43)

The Carnival of Satire (#43)We hope the wait has been worth it — we think it has, and we’d like to delay the next Carnival too. So it will be on August 10th. See you then!

Even though it’s mid-summer, we begin with some thoughts about school. Dana has some tongue-in-cheek-itis with Naming Our Homeschool, A Request for Assistance.

Continuing with an educational theme, Ahistoricality has found How to Write a CoHE “First Person” Essay: A Handy Multiple-Choice Guide, written by The Little Professor. In case anyone else is wondering, we’re pretty sure CoHE refers to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Michael McCullough has a different take on the G8 in Putin gropes Condi Rice at G8 Summit!.

Lyrois has some food for thought during the bbq season in The Transition from Eating Mindlessly to Eating Consciously.

Dada alert! Darcy Xenophon has been to NY, and found it’s a Dada kind of town.

The Usual Suspects

Radioactive Liberty presents Great Moments in Hezbollah History

Conservathink notes It’s Hard Out Here for a Physicist.

Passionate America learns that Wal-Mart rolls back prices on shoplifting.

Vox Poplar is Right About Everything & Don’t You Forget It! presents Hezbollah’s-A-Poppin!

The Kicker

And we’ll end on a piece that may not be strictly speaking, satire, but that is still enjoyable. In it, BiBi Cambridge comes to the terrible realization that Men Seldom Make Passes at Women with Glasses.

Thanks to everyone for sending along your posts. Submit for the August 10th edition via this handy form, or or here; the COS is listed at the Ubercarnival, and at the Blog Carnival too.


  1. Get your carnivals here! Hot summer carnivals!

    the skwib » The Carnival of Satire (#43): “Dada alert! Darcy Xenophon has been to NY, and found it’s a Dada kind of town.”
    Darcy couldn’t have done it without me, Professor Katz!
    If that’s not enough, get sweaty with the 201st edition of the C …

  2. Sunday Funnies

    image courtesy of faithmouse
    I’m out of town, so the links are gonna be a few days old. I prepared this on Thursday and Friday.
    The Skwib has the Carnival of Satire.
    The Kag Report has carnival of comedy.
    Potfry intercepts a phone call from…

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