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The Carnival of Satire (#55)

The Carnival of Satire #55Satire is a harsh mistress, but generally, you enjoy that sort of thing, right? Prepare to be chastised with this, the fifty-fifth edition of The Carnival of Satire.

Jon Swift has penned another gem. Unfortunately, he hasn’t posted it yet, and instead beats us with this delicious whip: Save Britney’s Marriage.

Speaking of gems, Ahistoricality has mined a brilliant website that is a massive satire unto itself, and features this news item: WTO Announces Formalized Slavery Model for Africa.

In a similar mode, this is not technically a blog, but still damned funny satire on what would happen if some proverbs were true.

Back to the blogs, and gentle reader, you’d better strap on some Depends because Miriam has discovered The upside of burkas.

John at Hell’s Handmaiden suggests that when it comes to Bird Flu you should have No worries. Of course, he’s not even factoring in Kang’s Corollary.

Bile, Snark, and Sneer draws blood in the jihad against the French with What a close call.

Despite the fact that Avant News has never had the good grace to link, trackback or acknowledge The Skwib or the Carnival of Satire, we present President Bush Nabbed In Effort to Alter Own Wikipedia Entry just to prove that we do really enjoy good satire. No matter what.

Then there’s this. I Gotcha Runnin’ Now Ya Biatches!.

And to take us out on a Zen note, Mad Kane has a Haiku For A Former “Genius”.

Thanks to everyone for submitting their satire, and thanks to these fine folks for helping us with webby-stuff: the Blog Carnival for their form; and the listings at the Ubercarnival, and at the Blog Carnival too.


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