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The Carnival of Satire (#81)

The Carnival of Satire (#81), with giant red robotThis week’s Carnival of Satire covers a lot of territory, and most of the important issues of our day, really: politics, beards, global warming, squirrels, issues of finance, and robots of course. You always have to be worried about what the robots are up to. We had a lot of submissions for the 81st edition, so we’ll have an extra COS next week:

Gavin R. Putland has John W. Howard’s Flowchart for Political Success. Gavin rightly points out that while this isn’t satire, it accurately demonstrates how sometimes life is more absurd than satire.

Then again… Rickey Henderson reminds us all of adventurers such as Ernest “Almost” Shackleton and Robert “Frozen on the Spot” Scott in his Beard Watch 2007 Update.

Aloysius is rightly concerned about the Black squirrel cult invasion of Minneapolis. As anyone who has read John Hodgman’s The Areas of My Expertise will recognize, this means the return of the hoboes. But are the squirrels black enough?

Ahem. Alexei finally reveals the identity of Obama’s Nemesis. (Not squirrels, but he should be concerned about them.)

Then there’s the nemesis of Bush II, as provided by Xco (not a robot), as he answers a question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

We note with interest that Blue Skelton has a sent an open letter to Mr. Apocalypse. Clearly, he has been watching for the Forty-Seven Signs.

We’re glad the Yid with a Lid isn’t a terrorist, because his post: If I Was a Terrorist this is what I’d do is terrifying.

Xco (not a robot, we’re pretty sure) has an excellent explanation of a variety of forms of Capitalism in cows

Speaking of cows, John Lampard presents Abattoir.

The Frogster asks us all to spot The Difference Between Him and Brad Pitt, but we are stumped.

Michael Fowke wonders if in the future, everyone will be into mystical banking Let’s get the Ouija board out and see…

On the topic of finances, Jimmy Atkinson has 10 Dream Credit Cards to help you rethink your credit habits.

Steven Silvers has a PowerPoint presentation on a news story about business school requiring PowerPoint presentation from applicants. You can follow that right? Here, let us do it in a bullet point form:
Steven Silvers has PowerPoint presentation:

  • satire of a news story
  • about business school requiring PowerPoint presentations
  • from applicants
  • oh, and fees too.

In related news Dana has a new homeschool tagline!

Lordsomber has a form of bondage for us in: AWOL Secretary: Live and Let Punge.

Only Three Notes presents Hindus Were Behind 9/11 and we killed millions!

Kevin Bedell has some eco-snark with Pass the Eco-Barf Bag. I’m Going to Lose My Eco-Lunch.

Ian Bowman presents Only In America With A Capital OIA: Pacman Jones, Wrestling.

Madeleine Begun Kane has a limerick to take us out on a note that scans: Bulletproof Backpacks: In Case Your Kid’s Classmate Is Packing.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to make this a great carnival. If you submitted something, and it didn’t make it into the carnival, it’s not that we don’t appreciate your work, but we just felt it wasn’t right for the carnival. In fact many submissions were quite funny/interesting/entertaining, but not really satire. Thanks to these fine folks for helping us with webby-stuff: the Blog Carnival for their form; and the listings at the Ubercarnival, and at the Blog Carnival too.


  1. Squirreled again! Carnival of Satire . . .

    Yo, cats and catted ones,More proof that those sneaky little tree rats are taking over my thingpoddy: …

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