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The Fabulous Toast Brothers

19th century inventors in bubble, filled with lightning and water

Neville and Ezekial Broughton grew up on the frontier, working the ranch their father built out of hard work, genocide, and cruelty to animals. Yet they rose above these humble beginnings to form the first Gentlemen’s Inventor League west of the Mississippi, dreaming of the day they would one day attend the Annual Inventor’s Exhibition in London, England.

They made their fortune on toasters. Everyone enjoyed toast, and this gave them the wherewithal to pursue other, more esoteric designs.

What if it was possible to use the power of the electron? Could they create a perfectly toasted slice of bread, light brown on both sides, using the very nature of the universe?

The answer was no.

Alltop likes singularity on its toast. Toast, originally uploaded by ZebraMule.