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The Forest Primeval

Jerome the Hyper-BaboonWas that a smile on Jeremy’s face, or was the photographer from Interstellar Geographic just anthropomorphizing?

He couldn’t even say why he’d named it Jeremy. It just seemed right. Could the simian before him actually feel the way that he did, think philosophical thoughts? Did the Hyper-Baboon have hopes, dreams? Was it possible that the creature even had a conception of time and space?

Then the other monkey triggered the landmine; pieces of baboon flesh scattered in all directions.

Jeremy grinned, walked up to the photographer and said: “Actually, I prefer Jerome, and that fucker was sleeping with my wife.”

You will find more monkey madness at the Carnival of the Insanities. And if baboonish humor is your thing, then check out humor-blogs.com. Photo credit: Broma.


  1. So do I

  2. I like that. Also, anyone who wants to know what the hell you’re talking about will need to check out your blog Bagel. m.

  3. Noone there ever knows what I’m talkin about either.

  4. It’s great when things get tied up so nicely.

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