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The Lost Power Point Slides: The Dog Edition (#1)

Why you should let me eat that disgusting thing on the road: (slide 2)

  • Oooh, it smells good.
  • By good I mean gross.
  • (Remember, in dog terms, gross is good.)

Why you can trust me not to roll in that disgusting thing in the park: (slide 6)

  • Really, I won’t roll in it.
  • But it smells good, doesn’t it?

Butt smelling, the canine semaphore: (slide 6)

  • Most hominids do not realize that their butts are data-rich sites of good smells.
  • Canines are capable of deciphering many of these smells.
  • Which are good. (Gross.)

Marking territory — the four-legged art: (slide 10)

Like any art form, there are practical considerations:

  • How long a walk are you going on?
  • How much water did you have to drink before you left?
  • Can you make the resulting pee-to-distance ratio work out in your favour?

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