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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Barbie Edition)

BarbieBarbie pushes 50, presented by Ken (March 9, 2007) –> slide 1

  • She’s 50 in two years, and she still looks great.
  • We’ve had a great time, even when she had a panda as a pet.
  • Of course, the sex has never been great, because you know …. no genitals.

Nabisco Marketing VP presents “Oreo Fun Barbie” (circa 1997) –> slide 6

  • Excellent cross-promotion joining deliciousness of Oreo cookies with powerful Barbie brand
  • We’ll manufacture white and black versions of doll and sell with cookies
  • No downside!

Barbie presents “I’m talking” (circa 1992) –> slide 10

  • Will we ever have enough clothes?
  • I love shopping!
  • I’m too thin to menstruate!

Barbie launched at the American International Toy Fair on March 9, 1959. Photo by Ordinary Guy.

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