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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Biting Off Canadian Mythology)

Canada + beaver

Dan Rather Presents: Not all Canadians say “eh” (only slide)

  • Met this fellow in Quebec City
  • He never said “eh”
  • (He did say “wa-eih” a lot though)
  • But never “eh”.

Pat Buchanan-ah-na-na-na-na-hey-hey Presents: The Canadian Conspiracy: Canuck Comedy Commissars (only slide)

  • They have socialized medicine.
  • It’s socialized!
  • Just like their comedy!

US Drug Czar presents: Canada — North American Weed-Crazy Bastards (only slide)

  • They want to legalize pot!
  • Civilization will end if they legalize pot!
  • Seriously, the same thing happened to the Romans with torture … Never mind.

Ex-Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins presents: Those canoe-paddling, beaver-loving, rye-tippling, 5% beer-swilling, poutine-eating, Mountie-loving, Tim Horton’s coffee-drinking, soft-headed, liberal, multi-cultural promoting, fifth-column-enabling Canadians (only slide)

  • Did you know their national animal is a beaver? You know? According to the Romans, those criters bite off their own …
  • Well, like we say back home in South Carolina:
    “I din’t have a pair of shoes ’till I was 10, but I was never a communist.”

This is an oldie, but I wanted to post something in honour of Canada Day tomorrow. Now if this insanity is not enough for you, you might want to check out the Carnival of the Insanities, or these collections of blogs, which are short a few pixels.