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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Christmas Carol Edition)

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to ComeThe Ghost of Marley presents “Boo” –> Slide 3

  • Investment strategies not helping me now
  • Mostly wandering Earth in penitence
  • Heavy chains and iron ledgers are not a fashion statement
  • You’re next buddy.

The Ghost of Christmas Past presents “But are you bitter?” –> Slide 5

  • So your Dad didn’t visit you at boarding school.
  • And he called you a waste of oxygen.
  • And the only person who loved you, your sister, died.
  • But does that mean you should be such a wanker?

The Ghost of Christmas Present presents “Think of the children!” –> Slide 2

  • Tiny Tim is so cute.
  • He’s cute, and he’ll die!
  • Do you want him to die?
  • Your nephew thinks you could still change you know.

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come presents “You Can Call Me Mr. Death” –> only slide

  • Tiny Tim
  • You
  • = wormfood

Inspired by the original (first published December 19, 1843)