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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Malthusian Edition)

MalthusMy origins (slide 2)

  • Yes, I am aware of the irony of being born on St. Valentine’s Day.

Population Principle (slide 4)

  • the capacity of the Earth to create food is vastly outstripped by human wubblie potential
  • yes, the ability of humans to reproduce
  • okay, the phrase is sexual procreation, but it’s so embarrassing to say!

Population Principle (slide 5)

In short:

  • wubblie potential is exponential
  • food supply is linear.

Fewer Humans: A good thing (slide 6)

Wubblie potential is only kept in check by:

  • natural causes — accidents and old age
  • misery — war, pestilence and famine
  • moral restraint
  • vice.

Fewer Humans: Vice — further explained (slide 7)

  • infanticide
  • murder
  • contraception
  • Nancy boys.

Preferred methods of reducing Wubblie potential (only slide)

  • late marriage
  • abstinence
  • (no “accidental” touching of jumblies either)
  • yes, I agree, not fun but necessary, and very British!

Inspired by:
Birthday of Thomas Robert “not much for having fun” Malthus, Feb. 1766. NB: There is no historical evidence that Malthus ever used the phrases “wubblies” or “jumblies”.