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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Reign of Terror Edition)

The Reign of TerrorThe Duke of Brunswick presents “Pilfering” –> slide 2 (circa 1792)

  • Prussia doesn’t dig your “democracy”
  • Release Louis XVI
  • Reinstate him as your king
  • Or we will “pilfer” Paris

Maximilien Robespierre presents “The Committee of Public Safety” –> slide 4 (circa 1793)

  • With regret, Louis must die so the country can live
  • People are good and magistrates corruptible
  • You can’t have revolution without revolution
  • (Later, they will call these “soundbites”.)

Charlotte Corday presents “I’m not crazy” –> slide 6 (circa 1793

  • Jean-Paul Marat was a monster
  • I killed one man to save 100,000
  • Sure, Plutarch told me to stab him with a bread-knife, but I didn’t listen
  • Only a crazy person would try a bread-knife.

Robespierre presents “The Terror” –> slide 1 (circa September 5, 1793)

  • Enemies within our borders
  • Dissent is counterrevolution
  • Let me introduce you our solution, Madame Guillotine.

Madame Roland presents “Cooler, not Severed Heads” -> slide 2 (circa 1793)

  • The Revolutionary Tribunal has ordered an excessive number of decapitations
  • Including my own
  • Oh Liberty, what crimes are committed in thy name!

Inspired by:
September 5, 1793 — The day the French National Convention voted to implement terror measures to enforce the principles of the French Revolution, starting the Reign of Terror.