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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (The Pill Edition)

Ortho-Novuu contraceptive pillsMargaret Sanger presents What Every Woman Should Know (circa 1921)–>slide 1

  • Ignorance of sex functions = unclean living
  • Need sex education
  • Plus books with … illustrations, she said knowingly.

Margaret Sanger presents What Every Woman Should Know (circa 1921) –>slide 6

  • Sexual impulse is the strongest of all creatures
  • Even accountants have “overflow” problems
  • Therefore, need contraception.

Johnson & Johnson presents Ortho-Novuu (circa 1964) –>slide 2

  • Better than Norinyl
  • (Cooler dispenser)

Judge William O. Douglas presents Griswold v. Connecticut (circa 1965) –>slide 3

  • Connecticut law prohibiting contraceptives is unconstitutional
  • Violates right to marital privacy
  • (And right to stress-free”wubblies”).

Rolling Stones groupie presents “Phew” (circa 1967) –>slide 2

  • Can enjoy “special time” with Mick
  • Not worry about having freakishly-lipped offspring.

Pope Paul VI presents Humanae Vitae (circa 1968) –> slide 1

  • sexual act must be for procreation of human life
  • interrupting generative process is unlawful
  • and, I don’t care if it’s “no fun”.

Andrea Dworkin presents Those Pill-aging Men (circa 1976) –>slide 3

  • oral contraceptives is an evil male invention
  • designed to facilitate male sexual freedom
  • negative impact on the health of women
  • and, I don’t care if it’s “no fun”.

Inspired by:
First commercially available oral contraceptives, this week in 1960

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