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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Viking Raider Edition)

Viking Raider with Pig on his helmetThorgest presents “How to pillage” –> slide 3 (circa 839 AD)

  • yes, it’s very exciting when you find an un-pillaged Irish monastery
  • get the ORDER of things correct
  • take money, gold & silver treasure FIRST
  • THEN burn it down.

Thorgest presents “New developments in the pillaging industry –> slide 2 (circa 840 AD)

  • apparently, the Church will ransom some priests and monks
  • so, no more “head loppings”
  • hands, feet, still okay.

Ragnar Lodbrok presents “Paris could be burning” –> slide 2 (circa 845 AD)

  • captured Paris
  • 7,000 pounds of silver and I won’t burn it
  • no promises about other parts of West Frankia.

Ivar the Boneless presents “No jokes about the name” –> slide 3 (circa 875 AD)

  • it’s because I can’t walk, okay?
  • nothing to do with impotence!
  • make one more joke and you’ll get “St. Edmunded”
  • (tied to tree and made to look like hedgehog)
  • (yes, with arrows dumbass).