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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Vincent van Gogh Edition)

Vincent van GoghVincent presents “shockingly bad hair” (circa 1880) –> slide 3

  • Yes, I have bad hair
  • Yes, it’s “shocking”
    Because of:

  • poverty
  • disillusionment
  • it’s a good way to ensure solitude.

Vincent presents “blank canvas” (circa 1884) –> slide 7

  • can’t be afraid of making mistakes
  • if you are –> stagnation, mediocrity
  • some painters –> mesmerized by blank canvas
  • got to get dirty, violate that canvas!

Vincent presents “on painting” (circa 1885) –> slide 1

  • true, my paintings don’t sell
  • people will recognize their value one day
  • I wish I could get a decent haircut though
  • and a little more absinthe.

Vincent on “sanity” (circa 1879-1890) –> slide 12

  • put heart and soul into painting
  • lost my mind in process.

Vincent on “sanity” (circa 1879-1890) –> slide 13

    “All -Night Cafe”:

  • expression of the idea that at a cafe:
  • one can ruin oneself
  • become crazy and criminal
  • one can drink absinthe.

Paul Gaugin presents “The Fellow Liked Yellow” (circa 1894) –> slide 3

  • he loved yellow, did good Vincent
  • gleams of sunlight warming his soul

Paul Gaugin presents “The Fellow Liked Yellow” (circa 1894) –> slide 4

  • in Arles, both of us insane
  • constantly at war over beautiful colors
  • I adored red
  • he, taking his yellowest brush, wrote on the suddenly purple wall:

I am of sound mind,
I am the Holy Ghost.

Vincent Van Gogh, b. March 30, 1853.