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The Lost PowerPoint Slides: We Are Not Amused by Your Clipart (Part 23)

The Lost PowerPoint SlidesThe Victorians

The Victorians did many things that shape our lives today, and I’m not just talking about lighting bangers and drinking too much on Victoria Day.

Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution

Unlike today, the Theory of Evolution was not accepted by all members of society, not even in the United Kingdom, where Charles Darwin pioneered his important scientific discoveries; while Darwin explored the marketing possibilities of ape-powered robots, other men like Thomas Huxley were left to convince the rest of the scientific community of Evolution’s validity. This debate came to a head when during a widely publicized discussion before the British Association for the Advancement of Science, one of the major opponents of Evolution, the Lord Bishop of Oxford Samuel Wilberforce, asked Huxley if it was his mother or father who was an ape.

Rather be descended from ape then smell like one


The ideology of communism has its roots in the Victorian Era, when Karl Marx and his pirate brother, Friedrich Engels, wrote the Communist Manifesto, which was all about overthrowing capitalism, sharing the means of production and scoring chicks.

Communist manifesto and beer mat

This site is all about scoring laughs. Originally published June, 2008.


  1. Heh, I love your powerpoint slides. Brilliant!!

  2. You said: “Unlike today, the Theory of Evolution was not accepted by all members of society”

    Who says that the “Theory of Evolution” is accepted by all members of society today?

  3. Clearly, only a clueless person would say such a thing … unless he (or she) was being ironic, but that never happens. 🙂 m.

    BTW, Michael, thanks for the link to the Darwin 200 Map on your site. Interesting stuff!

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