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The Matrix, if it ran on Windows

Whoa. This video is a hoot, and demonstrates why we won’t be downloading our consciousness into computers anytime soon. I mean, would you trust your mind to Vista?

Video here in case the embeddy thing doesn’t work.

Alltop and humor-blogs.com have also taken the red pill.


  1. That was AWESOME. I can’t wait until Terri sees this!!! heehee

    Mark we just moved and I can’t find your damn book anywhere. It IS under some kind of warrantee, right?

    (-No sincerely I want to apologize – Four chapters in I changed hemispheres. I’m DYIN ta read it … I’m just still unpacking!)

  2. Another hemisphere — where did you go?

  3. Hilarious, Mark! Thank you. I’m definitely gonna link to this post.

    I’m also gonna add you as a NaNoWriMo buddy now that I see you’re on there, um, well, if I can find you there… (I’m mental_mosaic) Hopefully, the server is not too bogged down. Congrats on being so far along on your word count. I’m a bit behind, but still cranking along anyway!


  4. Better than whats its a parody of for sure!

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