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The nature of obscenity

What, exactly, is an obscenity?

We’re only asking because this school bus driver was fired for giving an “obscene gesture” to the President of the United States of America (you know, if you can’t respect the man, you should at least respect the office).

Did she grab her crotch, a la Madona? Did she fellate a finger? Did she do something even worse? (Sorry, but we’re having trouble coming up with what that might look like, given that she was driving a bus at the time.)

No, she gave Mr. Bush the finger.

And she was fired, not for harassing the President, but for setting a bad example for the children riding on her bus. So what is more obscene, giving someone the finger, or starting a war that kills thousands of people?

Oh, there’s an answer: Killing people is NOT obscene. Fucking them is. But not nearly as obscene as suggesting they go fuck themselves, apparently.

‘Inspired’ by: Bus driver fired for obscene gesture to Bush


  1. Hum, bitter much?

    I don’t care who it is: You don’t go flipping off people in front of kids!

    How one connects an obscene act with an unrelated geopolitical situation is beyond me.

  2. Of COURSE I’m bitter.

    You’ll notice that I didn’t really defend the bus driver. What I’m asking is what is a WORSE example for the kiddies:

    a) Losing your cool and flipping someone the finger.
    b) Starting a war under false pretenses.

    Clearly, the answer is “a”. And obviously, no connection.


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