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The next storyblogging carnival is here

Hey folks, this is an invitation to submit your storytelling post for the next carnival, which will be posted here at The Skwib on Monday November 21. (Actually, it might get put up a little earlier on Sunday evening.)

As always, send the usual information: blog title, blog url, story title, story url, and description; we also want a word count, a suggested rating, and author name or pseudonym. Please make sure you include at least a one-line description of the story. The deadline is still Saturday night, but if you’re sending a brief story (say 700 words or less) I will accept it on Sunday up to the point I’m ready to post the carnival that night. (Or first thing Monday.)

My only hard and fast stipulation on hosting this puppy is that you include that blurb about your story. Here’s a neat way to think about this blurb — treat it like a logline. Those are the one-sentence hooks that screenwriters use to describe the script.

I’ll accept the first twenty stories I get sent to me, and please send your submission to skwib(at)markarayner.com; thanks in advance!