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The obligatory Fridgularity review roundup post

Raven in a tree

Loved Duffbert’s take: “One of the most entertaining and funny books I’ve read this year.”

Katy Sozeva has a rave review of the book at her blog, Now is Gone: “Rayner has a real gift for vivid (and hilarious) description.”

Kane Faucher also gives The Fridguarity a thumbs up in Read All Over Reviews, on Western News: “As any good science fiction does, Rayner presents us with the underlying critique of unbridled technological integration. And, hey, who could turn down a novel that stars a megalomaniacal talking fridge?”

A thoughtful review from Lori Hettler and her The Next Best Book Club review: “Go ahead, I don’t care what generation you were born into, try to live a week without being able to access the internet. I bet you use it more than you realize you do. And I bet by the end of the week you’d be biting your nails down to the nub… no email, no facebook, no evernote to jot down reminders for things… That’s the power of Fridgularity… the more you think about it all, the more scary it becomes…. Mwahhahahaha.”

And there’s Michael N’s take on if The Fridgularity is “Re-Birth” of the Internet in his review: “Mark Rayner has created a very funny yet serious work along the lines of a Max Barry novel (see Company, Syrup, Jennifer Government).”

I also enjoyed Charlene’s take on the Literary R&R blog.

And while we’re at it you may want to check out the interview I did with LitBridge on writing & satire.

You can get The Fridguarity at most online bookstores, in paper and Kindle formats. Other ebook formats coming in February! And if you’be been waiting for it to be available in multiple ebook formats, you can get Pirate Therapy and Other Cures now on Smashwords.

Alltop has advice on how to make you laugh. Photo by John Morgan on Flickr.