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The Safety Word Is "Kaisershaft"

dominatrix wearing pointy braMistress Plenty O’Taunt was the four-time winner of Dominatrix of the Year, given at the annual “Dommie” ceremony held the day after the Nobel Prizes. (Though only Sven Spankenborg sat on both the Nobel and Dommie committees.)

Though known primarily for her role-playing prowess, O’Taunt had some notoriety for her risqué, and let’s face it, hazardous costume design. In fact, she would have been a lock for five Dommies in a row if she had not inadvertently stabbed Jeremy Pencilpin, Member of Parliament for Pumping-on-Tyne, to death with her Pickelhaube-inspired bustier and codpiece (not pictured for legal reasons).

She was forced to retire (after a short stint in prison for inadvertent, but hilarious, manslaughter). Later, she found some success in Hollywood, designing costumes and scarifying megalomaniacal DPs.

Her most famous work can be seen in Return of the Jedi.

Now gird yourself for some longer fiction!

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Alltop always forgets the safety word. Awesome photo via Twisted Vintage. More on the pickelhaube at Wikipedia. Originally published, October, 2010.