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The worst toilet in Switzerland

The worst toilet in Switzerland

Having recently watched Trainspotting, I was struck by how funny (and then disgusting) the “worst toilet in Scotland” scene was. So, that toilet wins for nasty. I think we have to give the prize for frightening to this toilet hanging over a precipice in the Swiss Alps.

Imagine having to sit in this port-loo during the middle of a wind storm. (And not just the terrifying buffets on the structure itself — there is a serious hygienic risk from untoward gusts blowing from below, if you get my drift.)

Now, what the photo doesn’t show very well is the dangers of approaching the summit from this face of the mountain. In addition to bad weather, avalanches and deranged goats, this approach has the added danger of being sluiced on by exhausted climbers who’ve made it to the bivvy above.

Alltop loves to go a-wandering along the mountain trail. This photo is by extra-minty. Originally published November, 2009.


  1. Where does the red tube in the back lead to? Does the “stuff” just roll downhill?

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