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This would make BioShock even more tragic

First Person Shooter mod that humanizes the dead

One of the things I like about BioShock (both I & II) is the sad little human touches in the game, such as the story about Masha and her parents. (Whom you may find, dead, in their hotel room after they discover that Masha is a little sister.)

[bam] In Paris, once shared a bowl of soup (and its cook) with Ernest Hemingway

[bam] Prefers broccoli to cauliflower, but only on Wednesdays

[bam] Started splicing up because of peer pressure and his big ears

Something for the developers to consider as they work on BioShock III (they are, aren’t they?)

Alltop doesn’t know what a first person shooter [wiki] is, but it knows first person funnies.