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My three favorite reads last year

This was a fun little exercise – pick your three favorite reads from the last year.

It’s on a book and author discovery site called Shepherd, run by Ben Fox. He and his team are doing a great job, building a rich and useful site where you can find new authors to read.

The latest effort is to highlight what authors on the site are reading. My favorite three reads are listed there, and I spill about why I liked them so much.

They include Cat’s Cradle, which I’ve read before, of course. But also two new books: Kings of the Wyld and Hero of Two Worlds.

The other part that was kind of fun in the exercise was to discover that I’d actually read more books than I thought I had. (If one includes audio books.)

Check out my three favorite reads here.

And you may want to see what the “best books” of 2023 are based on the picks of more than 800 authors on the site.