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Too Fun: Make Your Own Superhero

the merciful sharpened barbarian

You can find the site here (though be prepared to listen to Bonnie Tyler explain her need for a hero looped over and over). HT to Unfinished Rambler for this.

Perhaps you can suggest a backstory for The Merciful Sharpened Barbarian in the comments.

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  1. Gee, thanks Mark. Something like this is a procrastinator’s best friend, and I’ve just successfully wasted an hour (yes, an hour…I’m also indecisive) developing my hero who, as it turns out, is about 50 lbs. thinner with beautiful eyes and huge boobs.

    Like I said, thanks! :o)

  2. No problem; any way I can help!

    Without trying to sound too creepy, I’d be interested in seeing the final results…

  3. As usual, I’m behind on my blog reading. Glad you could find some amusement in this.

    Backstory: Once an AIG exec, he now hones his blade to cut companies into piecemeal but he does it slowly (a la with mercy) over, say, several months so as to obfuscate the fact of what he’s really doing: cutting the size of the company employees by more than half.

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