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Toulouse Le Grandfig: Pure Lain Follies

pepe was madEveryone in La Tranche Huit knew that Pepe was stark raving mad.

Either they were afraid of his legendary marksmanship, or perhaps it was just an ethical failing, but whatever the case, nobody had the strength of their convictions to tell him the truth:

His “horse”… Encephalitis? … was actually Henri Gastroent, an aging and somewhat gassy pensioner from the Gaspe.

Even so, as the Bloc candidate, they would be voting for him.

[Ed. Note: Toulouse Le Grandfig was a little-known dadaist painter, writer and photographer who refused to give up dadaism, long after his peers had moved on to surrealism and other “isms”. The Skwib is proud to present his work, which would otherwise go forgotten. Perhaps rightly so you may say, but we like it… Mark.