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Tuesday o-rama!

The lucky 13th Carnival of Liberty is hosted (most excellently) by Forward Biased today, and you may want to check out some of the posts there, particularly “Your papers are not in order” about the dangers of tube-travel in London (the first one); I learned that perspiring is suspicious behavior in the UK.

You will also find a truly cranky (and funny) edition of the Bonfire of the Vanities hosted this week by The Zero Boss. I submitted last week‘s “Ask General Kang”, which I’m told came across as being filled with simian rage as opposed to humorous simian rage. (Big difference.)


Non-carnival o-rama here at the Mop and Pail:

If the appropriate conditions are created and the right hormones produced, any person can conceive, he said. But, he added, if the placenta latched on to an organ such as the liver, the organ could malfunction or a major hemorrhage could occur.