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Vintage ads of fictional futures: the winners

Well, the people have spoken, and in their wisdom, this is the order:

First Place: Nexus 6


Second Place: Spice

the spice must flow

Third Place: Soma

Soma was served

So now Kittrick, the creator of Nexus 6 must make the difficult choice: a walk-on part in my next novel, a copy of my last book, or the “mystery item” from my desk? Oooo. Congrats to Paul and Bagel as well.

Thanks to everyone who entered this contest. To make that more concrete, if anyone who entered would like a copy of my first novel, THE AMADEUS NET, it’s yours for the cost of shipping. Email me at author-at-markarayner.com.

The finalists here, and the original contest notice here. We’ll do it again sometime, for sure.


  1. Folks, I’ve read The Amadeus Net. It’s a damn fine read.

    I’ll be reviewing it as soon as I recover from its omgwtf-ness.

  2. Thanks Bagel! I think you might have the germ of a blurb in there: “I’m still recovering from its omgwtf-ness!” m.

  3. Be wary. The Amadeus Net hurt my sanity.


  4. Okay, Kit has chosen the mystery item, so Paul, what will it be: a copy of The Amadeus Net or a walk-on role in the next novel?


  5. I love the idea of propagating myself through walk-on roles in people’s novels! I previously was a villain’s henchman in the 1999 James Bond novel HIGH TIME TO KILL (by my good friend Raymond Benson).

    So, Mark, I’ll buy myself a copy THE AMADEUS NET, and happily look forward to seeing “Paul Baack” in your next novel.

    Thanks again!

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