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We can't even really satirize this stuff

We’re not sure if Ananova is to be taken seriously or not. Quite often the stories there are reported elsewhere, and earlier, from other more “believable’ news sources. Here are a couple of “quirky” stories from the news organ in question that struck our fancy. While you’re reading the first story, keep in mind that Mark is 1/4 Scots. (And bloody proud of it!)

Angus McNasty attempts to prove every stereotype of Scotsmen in one go

The evidence:

  • Drunk
  • Too cheap to pay for drinks
  • Argumentative
  • Kilt-wearing
  • Kilt lifting
  • Not wearing anything under said garment (regimental)
  • Passes out when arrested.

Amusing details here.

Dog nearly bites off man’s penis

Mark read this story and immediately had a few questions:

  • why do all these freaky stories happen in Germany?
  • what kind of sicko plays with his brother’s Jack Russell while he’s naked, particularly when his brother’s girlfriend is present?
  • what kind of demented woman laughs as her dog savages her in-law’s private parts?

Gory details here.

More satire later. Promise.