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Obi Wan has done another great job hosting, this time the Carnival of Liberty.

I always find this carnival interesting — for the stuff I disagree with as much as the stuff I do. Centrerion’s post, the Debate on Afghanistan Widens, is one of those. When you look at the news this morning, and see that a man in Afghanistan might be executed for converting to Christianity, you have to wonder why the heck Canada has sent troops there. I mean, if there aren’t compelling economic or geopolitical reasons to be there, at the very least we should be supporting liberty there, not state-compelled religion. I’d like a debate in the House about it.

And I enjoyed Mover Mike’s ruminations on the Declaration of Independence as it pertains to V for Vendetta.

Some Funny Stuff from the Conservative Cat.

The Carnival of the Vanities, ably hosted by Blogger Idol!

From the blogroll:
A parable from Leslie’s Omnibus about North American management practices that should not be missed. (Scroll below the chalkboard pic.)

Why has the Democratic Party been so inneffective? Because of the transgendered midgets, according to the Rev.


  1. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the comment on the post. I see the same facts you do, but draw different conclusions. We need our troops there, not to support such things as the persecution of minorities, but to oppose them, and help Afghans see they need to tolerate minorities too. Consider what would have happened if our troops were gone and the Taliban were back. I’ll give you any odds the man’s disembodied head would be the video du jour on al-Jazeera.
    I heard that Karzai supported the decision to execute him (which decision has since been reversed). Arguing they supported the execution because they’re helping Karzai’s government is fallacious though. You can’t say all Liberals supported the sponsorship scandal, even if they supported Chretien and Martin, could you?
    le centre
    p.s. It’s centRerion … centre spelt the Canadian/french way

  2. Okay, fixed the spelling mistake!

    I wasn’t actually saying that, but I am questioning why we’re there if we’re not helping to build a tolerant democracy. I certainly think OUR democracy can tolerate a little debate in the House about it; just because we made a mistake three years ago doesn’t mean we have to keep making it.

    Just my two cents (r). m.

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