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Win a Kindle!

Apparently, the proprietor of The Skwib is out of his tiny little mind, and he’s giving away Kindles. One for joining his mailing list (when it reaches 500, he’ll give one away) and one for every 75 copies of Marvellous Hairy sold.

And he’s giving away gift cards, so if you already have a Kindle, you’ll get money to buy tons of books for it!

Contest details here.


  1. Nice prize…too bad Facebook went down though.

    I was looking into those Color Nooks too. Looks like you can reflash them to do all sorts of fun things

  2. admin admin

    I’m sure it will be back up sometime 🙂

  3. Blogger gadgets were bugged out this morning. Code monkey’s must of drank a bad batch of Jolt Cola.

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