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Yar mateys, here be a hold full of links and a week on the account

That’s right, it’s pirate time again!

To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, The Skwib will be increasing its piratical content this week, starting with a reminder of how you’ll be expected to behave in Piracy 101.

And now yer links:

Updated: Avast! A few stories for you bilge rats at the Storyblogging Carnival!

And if the pirate theme wasn’t crazy enough, here’s the Carnival of the Insanities!

The Carnival of the Godless — even though most pirates are believers, and superstitious, they were godless, so we all like this. Arrr!

And her be a fine post about family therapy, submitted to our Carnival of Satire. It not be satire, but it be grand writing from Therapydoc called: Mr. Satuday Night. Later this week, a post about Pirate Therapy!

More links as they board mateys!

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  1. […] 16th, 2007 · No Comments As Bloody Captain Rayner of the Fearsome Frigate Skwib informs, this Friday is Talk Like a PirateDay, an annual event that is marked by talking like pirates. […]

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