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Yes Virginia, even fascistic oligarchs need to pee

Image of W writing note to Condi -- I need to peeYou may have noticed this photo circulating today. This may come as an incredible shock, but yes, even George (W.) Bush needs to pee.

And yes, he may even need to indicate, in a somewhat secretive way, to his Secretary of State, that he may have to absent himself from buggering the UN for a while, so that he can indulge this bodily function.

Is it funny? Only in the most obvious way.

It would be much funnier if the note said: “I think we may need to eliminate our foreign policy — and some urine.”

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  1. Bonfire of the Vanities, Week 1,295…

    Or at least it feels like it. So it wasn’t the best week to me to host, in hindsight, but that’s due to my lack of strategeric planning and no fault of yours.

    Busy or not, I’ll lift my spirits by reading the… worst… posts of the… week.


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