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Warning: dark comedies & satire ahead!

Alpha Max by Mark A. Rayner - cover art of main character's head sliced with galaxy inside
An existential romp through an absurd multiverse

Human-shaped, simian-obsessed, robot-fighting, pirate-hearted, storytelling junkie, Mark A. Rayner is a writer of satirical and speculative fiction. His new book, Alpha Max, is a dark comedy with absurd undertones.

It will be released on November 2, 2021 – you can preorder it on Amazon right now!

He writes in the genres of science fiction, humorous SF and dark comedy. When not working on the next novel, he pens short stories, squibs and other drivel. (Some pure, and some quite tainted with meaning.) 

He does all of these thing while being Canadian and owning cats.

You can learn more about Mark and his writings at this very website. Imagine! Check out his blog filled with nonsense, and a more in-depth bio.

Later, there will be cake…

Mark A. Rayner, thinking about how seriously not to take life

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