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Warning: science fiction, dark comedies & satire ahead!

Alpha Max: An Existential Romp through an Absurd Multiverse

Maximilian Tundra is about to have an existential crisis of cosmic proportions.

When a physical duplicate of him appears in his living room, wearing a tight-fitting silver lame unitard and speaking with an English accent, Max knows something bad is about to happen. Bad doesn’t cover it. Max discovers he’s the only human being who can prevent the end of the world, and not just on his planet! In the multiverse, infinite Earths will be destroyed.

Personally, Max thinks the multiverse is in big trouble, because he can’t even keep his toenails clipped on the regular, let alone stop the apocalypse. His only “allies” are a race of manic pixie aliens and dozens of other versions of himself; and let’s face it, both groups are annoying as heck!

From award-winning author Mark A. Rayner, Alpha Max is a silly and serious spoof of the science fiction and superhero movie trope of multiple realities. Fans of the humorous science fiction of Douglas Adams and the black humor and satire of Kurt Vonnegut will love this dark comedy that will make you think as well as laugh.

“Snarky as Pratchett, insightful as Stephenson, as full of scathing social commentary as Swift or Voltaire, and weirdly reminiscent of LeGuin, Alpha Max is the only multiverse novel you need this month, or maybe ever.” ~Amazing Stories

five stars

“Funny, yet deep, this is definitely worth venturing into the multiverse for.”
~Nisha Ward, Reedsy Discovery Reviewer

five stars

Rayner’s signature humor, absurdity, dark comedy, and satire, all wrapped into a great story.?
~Scott Fabirkiewicz, Reedsy Discover Reader

five stars

“Rayner is brilliant! His writing is a strange and exhilarating mixture of the cerebral and the entertaining.”
~Karen Molenaar Terrell, author, Cosmic Connections: Sharing the Joy

five stars

“It’s definitely un-put-downable! It’s literally out of this world! Action-packed and it takes the reader on a superb adventure.”
~Amy Shannon, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

Alpha Max by Mark A. Rayner - cover art of main character's head sliced with galaxy inside

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About Mark

Mark A. Rayner, thinking about how seriously not to take life

Don’t panic,it’s only Mark A. Rayner, award-winning author of SF, absurd fiction and the occasional screed on the problems with time travel novels. When not writing about the multiverse and manic pixies, Mark teaches at Western University, in Canada, which definitely doesn’t have a beaver problem.

His new book, Alpha Max, is a dark comedy with absurd undertones.

He writes in the genres of science fiction, humorous science fiction and dark comedy. When not working on the next novel, he pens short stories, squibs and other drivel. (Some pure, and some quite tainted with meaning.) 

He does all of these thing while being Canadian and owning cats.

You can learn more about Mark and his writings at this very website. Imagine! Check out his blog filled with nonsense, and a more in-depth bio.

After he stops writing about himself in the third person, there will be cake…

cover art of The Fridgularity and Marvellous Hairy, both books by Mark A. Rayner

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