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A fake Mark interviews a real one, and vice versa

Neonbubble -- for fake Marks and pervertsThe virtual tour continues with a stop on the other side of the pond at Neonbubble, conducted by Mark (the fake one, or actually the real one on his site).

While it can be confusing have one Mark interviewing another Mark (you might even say it could leave a mark, psychologically speaking), Mark does an admirable job of keeping us oriented (I almost said “on the mark”.) He also is quite interested in catering to his audience, which is composed largely of perverts, so the interview is laced with terms such as writing, publishing, and close-harmony singing. Disgusting!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of Neonbubble, you should definitely add it to your blogroll, or rss feed, or if you’re a pervert, your bookmarks.

The full interview is here. Feel free to drop by and join in the comments!